Real estate investment in Georgia

Real estate investment in Georgia is considered one of the best areas of investment in the world because with a small capital you can get the property you want and also operate it in any project or rent it to earn money. Now in our article we will provide you with all the information about real estate investment in Georgia.

Advantages of real estate investment in Georgia

The state of Georgia is characterized by its large green and picturesque areas, which play a major role in increasing real estate investment in Georgia due to the increase in the demand of foreign tourists from abroad to invest in Georgia to earn a lot of money.
Recently, many Arab countries have tried to consolidate their relationship with Georgia, as some of these countries have established their embassy there, because these relations contribute greatly to the economic situation of Georgia and the country with which it is close.
Georgia encourages investment in it, which has contributed to raising its economic and political level among modern countries.
A large number of people move to Georgia for tourism and come from 98 different countries. Georgia is famous for tourism and its tourist attractions such as real estate investment, different restaurants, large spaces and many other factors that made it the perfect choice for vacations and investment.
There are other factors that attract people to invest in Georgia because life there is very cheap, unlike other European countries. One of the most prominent real estate investments made in Georgia is the investment of resorts.
Anyone from outside Georgia can own the house they dream of or the housing unit they want, especially in the most beautiful cities in the world, the city of Batumi and the city of Tbilisi, because it is considered one of the most attractive areas for residents and tourists.

Real Estate Ownership Law in Georgia

The government in Georgia supports investment from abroad by issuing a new ownership law that works to provide lands free of charge for the work of large and mega projects, and also tries to provide the services, facilities and infrastructure that the project needs to the fullest.
Investors can benefit from real estate investment in Georgia and also take advantage of all the advantages they offer to make a profit and advance the economy of this country. Banks in Georgia give many loans in easy ways and simple guarantees to facilitate the process for investors.
Georgia is ranked fifth in the international index among the countries that facilitate the process of investing in it, and you can build a company in Georgia in one day, and you can extract your residency as an investor in Georgia if you are an investor of funds of 300 thousand dollars or more.

الاستثمار العقاري في جورجيا

Real estate investment in Tbilisi, Georgia

Many Arab real estate investment companies have turned to real estate investment in the city of Tbilisi through the work of small and large projects in it and real estate ownership as well.
As the city of Tbilisi is famous for its very large green spaces, which attract these companies to a process of urban expansion.
The state’s interest in developing its infrastructure made it a major attraction for investors.
Tourists are very accepting of the city of Tbilisi at the present time, and this has helped increase the profits of investing in the sale and rent of apartments in the city of Tbilisi, and many citizens have achieved very high profits by offering their properties for sale or rent through real estate marketing companies for foreigners.
One of the most important features of Tbilisi in real estate marketing is that it is located in

الإستثمار العقاري في جورجيا

Real estate investment in Batumi, Georgia

The city of Batumi is unique in the distinctive location that is located on the front of the Black Sea, and also that it is located near the Turkish border. Do not forget that it is the main crossing for trade between Turkey and Georgia, where you will find the markets of Batumi city full of Turkish products.
Batumi is famous for its high rate of real estate investment because it is home to the main port of Georgia, which is located on the Black Sea, as it witnesses shipping and commercial transport operations for the entire country. Tourists are transported by ships in this port as well.
Batumi is very attractive for tourism in the summer because tourists prefer to spend their summer vacation in the beaches there. The city of Batumi has recently been subjected to a revolution in real estate construction near the shores of the Black Sea, due to the change of Turkish, Russian and Georgian real estate investment companies, and there is no Arab company there.
If you want to invest in real estate located in the coastal cities of Georgia, we recommend the city of Batumi, which is the best option for buying land, houses, apartments, villas, shops and many more. Therefore, we recommend Georgia to spend enjoyable vacations on the shores of the Black Sea, or to complete your life in a place where all you need from calm, investment and beauty meet.

Real estate investment in Georgia and the most important projects currently available

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