جامعة إيليا الحكومية (ISU)

Ilia State University (ISU)

Ilia State University (ISU)
Ilia State University (ISU)

Ilia State University (ISU) was established in 2006 as a result of the merger of six different academic institutions with a long and diverse history. ISU is currently one of the leading research and educational institutions in Georgia

Located in Tbilisi, Ilia State University (ISU) is a leading and comprehensive public research institution of higher education in the South Caucasus focused on scientific advancement and first-class knowledge transfer to facilitate community development

ISU’s mission is centered around three main principles: a teaching and research unit, a liberal and specialized education unit, and a global and local unit

Ilia State University (ISU)
Ilia State University (ISU)

Its four faculties (College of Arts and Sciences, College of Natural Sciences and Medicine, College of Business, Technology and Education, and College of Law) offer distinguished training in their respective directions along with 30 institutes and research centers large and small stations – creating in-depth research opportunities in the social sciences, humanities, Business, law, life sciences, earth sciences, hard sciences

Ilya State University has been awarded a unique position in Georgia’s educational system for its contribution to popularizing science, strengthening the country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and actively implementing social responsibility projects. With the highest competition rate for doctoral programs in the country, extensive international connections, approximately 16,000 students, more than 1,500 highly qualified faculty and research staff, and a revamped research infrastructure in many regions of Georgia, ISU has become one of the most sought after universities to study and work in the country

Ilia State University (ISU)
Ilia State University (ISU)

:Ilia State University is a member of the following networks and organizations

Rondine Cittadella della Pace . Association
International Association of Universities – IAU
Association “Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch” – ÖSD
European cooperation in science and technology – COAST
Association of European Universities – EUA
European Network for Occupational Therapy (ENOTHE)
Agency of Francophone Universities (AUF)

The university has established partnership relationships with various educational institutions abroad, some at the university and some at the faculty or individual level. The list includes

University of Cambridge (UK)
Berkeley Laboratory (USA)
International Center for Theoretical Physics (Italy)
University of Michigan (USA)
University of Montpellier (France)
Italian Pedagogical University (Italy)
Suleyman Demirli University (Turkey)
University of Austria (Australia)
University of Bonn (Germany)
University of Friborg (Switzerland)
Harvard University (USA)

:Study Programs and Fees Ilia State University for International Students

:Bachelor’s Degree Programs and Tuition Fees

Medicine5300 $ annuallyStudy 6 years
Electrical and electronic engineering3500 $ annuallyStudy 4 years
Civil engineering 3500 $ annually Study 4 years
Computer Science Engineering 3500 $ annually Study 4 years
Computer engineering 3500 $ annually Study 4 years
Management and Tourism 3500 $ annually Study 4 years

:Master’s degree programs and tuition fees

Applied Genetics 3500 $ annually Study 2 years
Business Administration 3500 $ annually Study 2 years

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