Lisi View Tbilisi

Lisi View Tbilisi

The residential complex Lisi View is a harmonious unity of pure nature, elegant landscapes and modern expressive architectural forms. It is located near the real gem of Tbilisi – the picturesque Lisi Lake. Lisi View is the first project in Tbilisi, where it was decided to abandon the high fences between the sites. The complex leaves the feeling of a large open space and complete freedom, which creates conditions for good communication between residents of the elite complex. A villa with a pool can be not only your dream, but also your reality! 40% of the area is allocated for parks, playgrounds and sports grounds. This calm and natural environment gives you a real opportunity to raise your children, absorbing all the best from the world around them. In the Lisi View project, everything from the choice of building materials and construction technologies to the condition of soil, water and air is aimed at preserving and maintaining the environment and the harmonious life of the family.

 Lisi View Tbilisi Infrastructure and architecture of the project:

“Lisi View” is where nature meets craftsmanship and craftsmanship
All the villas in the “Lace View” project were built with one consistent and at the same time not boring architectural concept, taking into account international quality standards in the infrastructure of the project, and also taking into account the highest standards of elegance and sophistication in design and architecture, all of which meet in an amazing location.
In “Lisi View” .. the magic of life and its advancement!

Project Features

The “Lisi View” project is equipped with everything that provides you with a comfortable stay and a modern luxury living for each person. We provide you with:

  • 40 luxury villas in 3 different styles, each with a garden and private pool

  • In addition to a building that includes hotel apartments to suit all tastes.

  • Luxurious finishing ready to move in, you just have to choose.

  • Garage for two cars in each villa.

  • Green spaces and landscapes surround the entire complex.

  • Safe and equipped playgrounds for children.

  • 24/7 security monitoring and guarding.

  • Fire extinguishing system for your safety.

  • Fresh air and stunning panoramic views..a special gift from nature.

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