The advantages of studying in Georgia

جامهة ايليا الحكومية

 Advantages  studying in Georgia

Studying in Georgia is a good option for Arab students who are interested in a rich cultural experience and an interesting exploration adventure. It provides many options and benefits
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The most important advantages of studying in Georgia 2021

Study in Georgia is a good choice for Arab students who are interested in a rich cultural experience and an interesting exploration adventure. It provides many options and privileges, and below we will learn about the most important information about studying in Georgia.

In the era of modern Georgia and with the promising new government that began its tasks by taking over Mamuka by taking him as prime minister

As the youngest prime minister in its history, then Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili took office late last year.
The new government’s first decision will be to allocate 25% of Georgia’s budget to education development.

In Georgia, there are more than 60 state-recognized higher education institutions, with the number of private accredited universities being higher than public universities.

The Ministry of Education in Georgia divides university institutions into: public universities and educational universities that include bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs; and colleges that only integrate undergraduate study and higher professional education programmes.

The most important advantages of studying in Georgia
Life in Georgia 2020/2021:
The modern state with the current European orientation (and the former Soviet) is much more open now and developed in an unprecedented way, all government and private systems are connected electronically .. everything rotates at the touch of a button and is considered one of the highest countries in Internet speed ..
“You will reach your research and communicate with your family quickly and easily…what better than saving every second of my study time.”
The fastest internet in the world 2019 .. and ways to measure internet speed
The modern liberal visa system, which makes visa procedures as easy as possible, and that most Arab students can enter Georgia for the purpose of studying without a visa (or with an electronic visa). “Travel to Georgia .. All you need to know”
Ease of university registration procedures, and ease of obtaining study residence in Georgia
Restaurants and halal food are everywhere.
Globally Unprecedented Security Rates (Georgia ranks 4th in the world in safety ratings)
A clean, green, natural environment, fresh air, an encouraging climate, open spaces and gardens everywhere (what more does a student want for the purity of his mind and body).
A distinguished friendly community that is not without a conservative eastern character and an open-minded western and understanding of the privacy and customs of others.
Georgian society is not without a distinct percentage of Muslims, representing 10% of the population today.
Unconditional freedom (wear a bikini or a niqab) in both cases, society will not feel your alienation.
Sophisticated universities, pioneering education systems, and study programs recognized globally and in most Arab countries.


Study options in Georgia 2021

Study in Georgia is a unique study abroad destination, ideal especially for students who want to avoid the huge crowds of the most popular international study sites, Georgia’s education system is constantly evolving and attracts more and more foreign students to enroll in universities every year.

Candidates can choose from a wide variety of study options such as: business administration, travel and tourism, marketing and public relations, computer science, or social sciences.

Also.. Specialized medical universities offer unique opportunities for foreign students, graduates of these institutions can apply for any job in the health care system centers, and interested applicants can choose the language of instruction, between Russian and English.

Teaching languages ​​in Georgia 2021

Most universities and higher institutions in Georgia use the official language as the main language of instruction, which is the Georgian (Kartvelian), and students can join preparatory courses to learn the Georgian language before starting their studies in Georgia, and there are some universities specifically designed for international students, which are taught In Russian or English, medical schools in Georgia also require students to have a good knowledge of Russian or English.

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