Information about the country of Georgia

The most important information about Georgia Everything you want to know about the state of Georgia from residence, economy, study and a lot about everything related to the state of Georgia you will find here …

تبليسي جورجيا

Information about the country of Georgia

Where is Georgia located?

The most important information about Georgia, Georgia is an independent, sovereign state located in the Caucasus country in Eurasia, located specifically at the meeting point of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, and bordered on the west by the Black Sea, while on the east by Azerbaijan, and bordered by Turkey and Armenia from the south. In the north, it has a common border with Russia, and it shares the Caucasus Mountains with it. The predominant character of the terrain of this country is the mountains, and the country was divided in the past into two parts, the first of which is Colchis, which is the western part of the country, while the eastern part is represented by the eastern plateau known as Iberia, and the highest mountain in it is Mount Shkhara, then Mount Ganga Tau, and there are more than Thirty glaciers.

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علم دولة جورجيا

Information about the country of Georgia

A brief history of Georgia

Georgia is one of the republics of the former Soviet Union. Georgia was named after Saint George, a Christian saint known as the patron saint of many countries and peoples of the Christian world. Originally, it was a Christian kingdom disputed and conquered by the Persians, Romans, and Turks. And the Arabs, until Russia annexed it in 1801, after World War I, Georgia was declared a socialist republic, until it turned into a communist republic after the communist forces invaded its lands, and declared its independence in 1918; it was occupied by the Red Army in 1921; it became part of the Soviet Union.
The Georgian Republic gained its independence in 1991 and the official parliament declared it, and then the two states of South Ossetia and Abkhazia split from it, to join Russia to become two independent states from the Georgian Republic with the support of the Russian forces in that matter, which increased tension between Georgia and Russia after independence, in order to accuse Georgia Russia supports the separatists, especially after the increasing influence of pro-Russians in the region of Abkhazia.

سكان جورجيا الأصليين

Who are the people of Georgia?

According to the statistics of 2019 AD, its population reached 3.729.500 million people, and its residents speak the Georgian language, which is the official language in the country, in addition to some local languages such as the Armenian language, the Azeri language, the Svan language, the Mongolian language, and the Bukhara language.


Religion in Georgia

owes the majority of its population to the Orthodox Christian religion, and some minorities believe in the Armenian apostolic Christian religion, the Islamic religion, the Russian Orthodox Christian religion, and the Catholic Christian religion. Its population consists of ethnic groups such as Georgians, Russians, Armenians, Georgian Jews, Ossetians, and Abkhazians. Turks, Azeris, Cypriots, Chinese, Chechens, Assyrians, Kurds, Greeks, Tatars, and Ukrainians.


What is the Georgian currency?

The official currency used, and circulating in the Georgian Republic is the Georgian lari, and one lari is made up of one hundred sections of a smaller sub-class called Tetris, and the lari is issued in various denominations and types (paper, and metals) by the National Bank of Georgia. Given the price of the Georgian currency against the dollar, one US dollar is equivalent to 3.10 Georgian lari (according to the exchange rates for the year 2021 ).

The most important conditions for obtaining a Georgia visa

Among the conditions for obtaining a Georgia visa or entry visa to Georgia, according to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Georgia, which announced the launch of the electronic portal for obtaining an electronic Georgia visa, which allows visitors to obtain a short-term entry visa to Georgia with minimal effort.

With this development in the extraction of the Georgia electronic visa, the foreign traveler has the possibility of obtaining a short-term visa without the need to visit the Georgian embassy or the consular office, by following three simple steps: first, fill in the required data on the website, secondly, pay online, and thirdly print the visa e .

Georgia visa extraction

As for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, they do not need to apply for a Georgia visa, as well as any person residing or holding a valid visa in any of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries does not need a visa, but there are some Arab countries that ask them to apply for a Georgia visa in advance and this can be confirmed through the link of the ministry’s website to extract Georgia e-Visa: https://www.evisa.gov.ge//


The most important procedures for obtaining a Georgian passport

Georgian citizenship enjoys many important advantages as the Georgian citizen can join the member states of the Schengen area, after the agreement between the European Union and Georgia, and he also enjoys in the case of visa-free travel to a large group of countries such as Malaysia, Latin America and Indonesia…. and others, and in addition to this a kinship relationship whereby any citizen can apply for Georgian citizenship, provided that the following characteristics are present:

Georgian citizenship as an exception: in this case citizenship is issued if it is in the interest of the state, and granted by the President of Georgia, in which case you will need two letters from persons registered with Georgian citizenship in order to be able to apply.
Georgian citizenship according to simple procedures: In this case, citizenship is issued to the wife of a Georgian citizen who has resided for at least two years in the country, provided that she knows the general principles of Georgian law and is proficient in the Georgian language.
Georgian citizenship according to the normal procedure: The normal procedure is the one that includes owning a property or a job in the state of Georgia, residing for a period of no less than six years, in addition to proficiency in the Georgian language, knowledge of the law, and the criminal record being free of any crimes, penalties or violations punishable by law throughout the period Residence.

The ease of obtaining Georgian citizenship is an encouragement to immigrate to Georgia, knowing that when Georgian citizenship is granted to a foreigner, he must renounce his previous citizenship unless it is granted as an exception by the President of Georgia.

And before all that, you have to determine your goal of residing in Georgia, for example, are you thinking of investing in Georgia or are you thinking of working in it, you may think about buying a property and obtaining residence, why not think about that and real estate investment in Georgia is already booming and the expectations of market economists Nominate him for further progress and prosperity.

Where are the embassies of Georgia in the Arab countries?

علم دولة الاردن

Georgian Embassy in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Republic of Iraq, Republic of Lebanon

Jordan, Amman, Abdoun District, Sarah Street, Villa No. 2

Tel: (+962 6) 5926433
Fax: (+962 6) 5923374
Hotline: (+962) 797299799

Email: amman.con@mfa.gov.ge

Web: www.jordan.mfa.gov.ge

Georgian Embassy in the State of Qatar

Address: Onaizah, District 63, Street 941, Building 19, Doha, State of Qatar, Rooms 24118

Tel: +974 44739499

Mobile: +97466032087

Fax:+974 44739495

Email: doha.emb@mfa.gov.ge

علم دولة الكويت

Georgian Embassy in the State of Kuwait

State of Kuwait, United Arab Emirates

Address: Cordoba, Block 2, Street 1, Street 3, Villa 6№

Tel: (+965) 2535-29-09

Fax: (+965) 2535-47-07

Email: kuwait.con@mfa.gov.ge

Email: kuwait.emb@mfa.gov.ge

What are the Arab embassies in Georgia?

Saudi Embassy

the Biltmore Hotel Floor 10 – Shota Rustaveli Ave. no.29 Tbilisi Georgia

Telephone number






work hours

From 9 am to 4 pm


Saturday and Sunday

Saudi affairs phone


Embassy of the State of Qatar in Georgia

17 Lvovi Street No.

0160: Postal Code

Tbilisi, Georgia

Embassy working hours:

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Monday to Friday.

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