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Albatoul Group Georgia Through our good and distinguished public relations with all events in Georgia by providing all public services, whether by providing these services directly or providing information about these services such as prices, types, addresses and others, for example we mention here some of these services: Tourism in Georgia, Real estate, study, medical, economic, legal, financial, accounting, industrial, commercial, study, design and printing, websites, and many others.

Tourist in Georgia

Our mission: Constant striving to provide distinguished tourism services and products of high quality that keep pace with global progress and contribute to the development of tourism in Georgia and meet the needs of customers, friends, tourists and guests. Providing all tourism and travel services to all clients of travel offices, tour operators and individuals all over the world Those wishing to visit Georgia, whether they are groups, families or individuals, in a distinct way .. competitive .. fits all requirements through type and price, through a staff composed of a young, educated group with high experience, qualified and ready to provide all kinds of tourism and travel services On request…we promise you an unforgettable trip to discover Georgia.


Study in Georgia

Studying in Georgia is a good option for Arab students who are interested in a rich cultural experience and an interesting exploration adventure. It provides many options and privileges. Get your acceptance now and do not hesitate with our reliable and accredited company in Georgian universities.

Georgia real estate

To take advantage of growth opportunities in the real estate and investment sector, which include real estate development, construction and brokerage services, in addition to management and leasing services. Al-Batool Real Estate Group owns a group of highly qualified and fully qualified real estate consultants to serve and provide advice and assistance to our valued clients, and to make the appropriate investment decision.

Discover the magic of nature in Georgia

Georgia is an independent, sovereign state located in the Caucasus country in Eurasia, located precisely at the meeting point of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, and bordered by the Black Sea to the west, Azerbaijan to the east, and Turkey and Armenia to the south. In the north, it has a common border with Russia, and it shares the Caucasus Mountains with it. The predominant character of the terrain of this country is the mountains, and the country was divided in the past into two parts, the first of which is Colchis, which is the western part of the country, while the eastern part is represented by the eastern plateau known as Iberia, and the highest mountain in it is Mount Shkhara, then Mount Ganga Tau, and there are more than Thirty glaciers.

Sea Center Batumi

An ideal lifestyle awaits the lovers of the Black Sea Pearl. The city of Batumi is a very beautiful city in this enchanting country of Georgia. The C Center complex in the heart of Batumi is the best choice for every individual or family looking for a high-end housing with many advantages that make Hussey Center Tower an ideal lifestyle awaits lovers of the Black Sea Pearl. Batumi is very beautiful in this charming country Georgia. The C Center complex in the heart of Batumi is the best choice for every individual or family looking for a high-end housing that has many advantages that make it an inexhaustible source of comfort, happiness, and a sense of exclusivity, an inexhaustible source of comfort and happiness. And the feeling of exclusivity

Georgia real estate projects

Through our years-long experience in the field of the Georgian real estate market and our friendship with the largest real estate development companies in Georgia, we offer you the latest real estate projects in Georgia, which offer a high rate of return besides the reliability and honesty in implementation in terms of quality, adherence to safety standards and the timeliness of project delivery. One of these companies is York Towers, which always provides projects of luxury and high quality

Yorktown Complex

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