York Town Tbilisi

York Town Tbilisi – an eco-friendly project

We have built the compound in a manner that respects the environment and provides a healthy climate for the residents, while maintaining the aesthetic and moral harmony between the building and the site and respect for privacy. It also guarantees the highest levels of energy savings to reduce maintenance and consumption costs.

The architects and contractors at York Towers are working on smart solutions to avoid the carbon footprint of the construction business while maintaining a modern design. Because we know that people who live in green buildings have many health benefits thanks to the safety of the materials used in the construction of these buildings. We use only environmentally friendly materials and products in order to maintain the quality of construction and the safety of residents.

Availability of water ensures that present and future generations enjoy a reliable supply of clean water.

In Yorktown up to a third of your water and energy bills are saved. Given that operating and maintenance costs can account for up to 80% of a building’s life span costs, reducing these costs greatly increases building owners’ profits.

Yorktown offers luxury villas, apartments and homes surrounded by landscapes and large gardens from all directions. The architecture embodies creativity and refined taste in building a modern, eco-friendly community.

Infrastructure and architecture of the project

The York Town project combines the splendor of modern architecture and the beauty of the landscape to provide a refreshing lifestyle that changes with the changing seasons. Tinted glass windows allow you to spread light harmoniously and a wonderful panoramic view of your morning view of the charming city of Tbilisi. You can also take advantage of the gardens as an area for planting. , a space to practice hobbies or a place to spend the most beautiful evenings with friends.

Location, services and facilities for the project:

It has an exceptional location, close to the Georgia international airport road and the city center; Which makes it close to the most important tourist attractions and thus increase the profit and return on investment over time; where:

  • 15 minutes from Tbilisi International Airport

  • 5 minutes from the bus station (public transport)

  • 3 minutes from the largest European medical resort “Bioly”

“Services and Facilities”

Meditation and relaxation area – your place for inner peace

We made a place to practice some sports, like yoga, with features that help
For complete relaxation and tranquility. With a wonderful view of the green mountains and charming nature.
Sports Tracks – Various high speed tracks
We can’t deny the importance of sports, running and cycling, so trails that meet your sporting needs are designed with world-class waterproof, non-slip and weather-resistant standards.
Safe Zone – To make your child’s world better, freer and safer.
An ideal place for children as it includes a lot of play areas, sports tracks and activities for children where they can play more freely and enjoy the exceptional scenery everywhere within the complex.
Health Center and Club – “Where your body meets your soul”. Unlimited well-being of mind, body and spirit
Yorktown offers plenty of possibilities for an active and enjoyable life, including indoor and outdoor pools in any season.

We work around the clock for delivery ahead of time

York town Tbilisi different housing units

يورك تاون مخطط

1-Royal Villa

رويال فيلا يورك تاون

2-Tamar Villa

تمار فيلا يورك تاون

3-Garden Villa

جاردن فيلا يورك تاون

4-Garden Hills

فيلا جاردن هيلز يورك تاون

5-Panorama villa

فيلا بانوراما يورك تاون

6- luxury apartments

شقق فندقية فاخرة يورك تاون

York town Compound Services

York town Hotel

فندق يورك يورك تاون

Children's play areas

مناطق العاب الاطفال يورك تاون

Health center and gym

مركذ صحي و نادي رياضي يورك تاون

Sports fields

ملاعب رياضية يورك تاون

Meditation and relaxation area

منطقة للتأمل و الإسترخاء يورك تاون

Sports Tracks

مسارات رياضية

The project Location

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