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Albatoul Group Tourism Services in Georgia - Student Services and Real Estate Services

Albatoul Group for tourism, real estate and student services is a company that was established in 2018 in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and since then we have been providing our services with high professionalism with highly trained staff Whit high experience in the Georgian market, besides trust and honesty.

Our mission

Is that “Albatoul Group” becomes the best choice for our customers at all times; Providing an outstanding level of service, observing ethics in all transactions and developing long-term relationships with our clients, we always work for the benefit of our clients and satisfy them to the fullest.
We deeply understand that this is perhaps the biggest investment you will make; So we take responsibility to make this process reliable, safe and convenient for you and future generations.


Our vision

The satisfaction and happiness of our customers is a top priority for the “Albatoul Group” company. Our company works with continuous diligence; To make your experience with us unique while maintaining the highest level of service.

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Our value

This is fundamental to everything we do, and it gives our customers, partners and investors the confidence to work together and collaborate.
We take an individual approach to each client; We offer through it the best investment offers that suit it, to build long-term relationships with our clients; It aims to help them make more profitable investment decisions.
Honesty and Honesty.. We are honest and we promise that every member of our team will always work for the benefit of our clients; Which contributes to success and mutual profit.
Support and support.. As a team, we motivate and support each other to be the best in what we do, creating a friendly atmosphere that helps create and provide the best for our customers.
Commitment.. We are committed to being the best in everything we do, providing the highest level of service and meeting all the needs of our customers, in addition to developing and creating new standards for society.

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Our services

Tourism services in Georgia

Albatoul Group was established at the beginning of 2018 with the aim of serving Arab tourism coming to the State of Georgia and was able in a short period of time to be the most successful and reliable name for Arab tourists due to the full commitment of the company and providing the best levels of service to our valued customers from hotel reservations that suit all categories of hotels, three or Four or five stars, and we take into account in their selection the distinguished location, cleanliness, the highest levels of comfort and the best prices.

Albatoul Group also provides the service of professional tour guides, whom we choose with great care, as all of our guides speak Georgian, English and Arabic languages ​​fluently in addition to the Russian language and are well versed in all the tourist areas in Georgia and their experience is not less than five years in the country. Also, Al-Batool Group provides women guides for families only .

Albatoul Group is also keen to provide the best diverse tourism programs that have been specially prepared to suit the Arab taste and our Arab customs. To cover the largest possible number of important cities and regions in Georgia with air-conditioned and comfortable tourist cars, in order to provide the finest services and amenities.

Albatoul Group is committed to providing the best prices and tourist offers to its customers and continuous communication by the management with customers during trips to meet all their requirements quickly.

We always promise to be responsible and offer you the most wonderful tourist trips with the best levels of service.

Our real estate and investment advisory services

Since our establishment in early (2018), we have been moving strongly on many fronts to take advantage of growth opportunities in the real estate and investment sector, which include real estate development, construction and brokerage services, in addition to management and leasing services. Albatoul Group owns a group of highly qualified and fully qualified real estate consultants to serve and provide advice and assistance to our valued customers, and to make the appropriate investment decision. We have been trusted by many clients at the level of the Middle East, but also at the level of the worker. We have been pleased to serve many of our clients in Russia, Azerbaijan and India, as well as our clients who we are proud to serve in many Arab countries, which is our first concern.

Student Services

Studies: human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, computer and information engineering, mechanical engineering, aviation mechanical engineering, design engineering, college of aviation, business administration and economics, English literature, law, civil engineering, architecture, industrial engineering, and many more disciplines.

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