The most important tourist attractions in Batumi

Get to know Batumi, Georgia

The most important tourist attractions in Batumi, the coastal city of Batumi is located on the border of the Black Sea coast. Batumi is called the pearl of the Black Sea. It was taken as the capital of “Adjara”, an autonomous republic located in southwest Georgia. Batumi is an important commercial center, its distinct geographical location In a semi-tropical region, he made it a fertile land for the cultivation of rich agricultural products such as tea and citrus, while the industrial products include shipbuilding, food industries, light industries, and most of its economy is based on tourism. Today, Batumi is still a center of architectural innovation. At the beginning of the 20th century it was implemented European architects have many projects, and since 2010 the government has taken care of restoring the old city and renewing its features by constructing new high-rise buildings.

اهم المعالم السياحية في باتومي

The city of Batumi is one of the oldest cities in Georgia, and its founding dates back to the eighth century, as its name was mentioned in historical texts dating back to the fourth century AD as (Batos), and the largest historical part of Batumi extends between its port and the main street, where it is located. Many distinctive architectural and historical facades.

The location of Batumi, which borders the Black Sea, gives it an important position in Georgia’s economy, and makes it a popular summer destination for people looking to enjoy the best beaches in Georgia.

اهم المعالم السياحية في باتومي

The city of Batumi in Georgia has become a wonderful summer destination for tourists from all sides to enjoy a wonderful range of amazing tourist experiences, activities and events. This charming city has undergone a radical change in recent years, enabling its visitors to enjoy many attractions, international hotels, and wonderful scenes For dining and a bustling nightlife, which satisfies all the tastes and desires of visitors.. In the next report, you will learn with us the best things that you can see and do in this resort located on the Black Sea, with its charm, elegance and comfortable atmosphere.

اهم المعالم السياحية في باتومي

Batumi National Botanical Garden

They are gardens in which plants are documented according to the classification of the plant kingdom, by planting them in a vast land that includes huge numbers of natural and exotic plants, as well as common plants, with complete information next to each plant that serves as a documented identity in which the plant is identified and written and the scientific name, family and plant division to which it belongs For her, the Batumi Botanical Garden was opened in 1912 by a Russian botanist.

اهم المعالم السياحية في باتومي

Located in a small town called Matstan Kotskhi (“Green Cap”) just 10 kilometers from Batumi, the park is one of the largest in the former Soviet Union. There you can walk around and see some beautiful flora and fauna, enjoy the views of the coast or even watch the beautiful sunset.

Alphabet Tower in Batumi

The Alphabet Tower Batumi is one of the most famous tourist places in Batumi, which is considered one of the places of modern tourist attractions that will have an important history that increases gradually over time. One of the main landmarks of the city, which is one of the most important places for visitors

اهم المعالم السياحية في باتومي

The tower is one of the modern landmarks that a group of visitors flock to for many reasons, which is its unique urban beauty than any of the buildings in the world, as well as its place in the arms of the charming and elegant nature. Where you can wander next to the tower and visit the amusement park surrounding it, and you can also Visit one of the city’s famous landmarks, such as Batumi Boulevard, which is located near the tower.

اهم المعالم السياحية

Monument Ali and Nino (Batumi)

Boulevard Street is filled with many impressive statues, the most important of which is the statue of Ali and Nino made by the Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvestadze, which is 8 meters tall of solid metal wires that overlap together by wrapping them in a circular motion, as if embracing each other.The idea came to create this wonderful statue From a book of the same name by the Azerbaijani author Gurbani Saeed, the book revolves around a romantic relationship between a Muslim man named Ali from Azerbaijan, and the Georgian Christian daughter of a noble in Baku in 1918.

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