Tbilisi Zoo

Tbilisi Zoo is one of the best and most beautiful tourist places in Tbilisi, Georgia, and a favorite among families and children because of its suitable and enjoyable facilities for all groups and ages.

حديقة حيوانات تبليسي

It is one of the most attractive attractions for tourists from inside and outside the city, as it has more than 300 species of animals brought from the Caucasus city and outside Georgia from the rest of the world, including rare and endangered ones.

حديقة حيوانات تبليسي

While you are wandering with your family, you will enjoy more watching the animals that you are not accustomed to seeing always, especially predators of all kinds, including mammals that you can see tigers, lions, leopards, bears and hippopotamuses that you may not see elsewhere, especially the cute little cubs.

حديقة حيوانات تبليسي

You can also see other types of predators in the bird wing, such as hawks, eagles, owls, reptiles, forest cobras, desert cobras and river anacondas. We even find fierce types of fish, such as colorful river fish such as the Japanese carp.

حديقة حيوانات تبليسي

And not only the predators that you can discover with your family, but there are also cute herbaceous animals such as koalas, llamas, African and Asian monkeys, Australian kangaroos, mountain deer and the most beautiful of them that you are allowed to feed is the panda.

الأماكن السياحية في تبليسي للأطفال

And your fun does not end here inside the Tbilisi Zoo. You can visit the amusement park in the park and have fun with your children in the game of spinners, air swings and many other appropriate and safe games 

حديقة حيوانات تبليسي

After you have finished all this fun, you can visit Tbilisi Circus to conclude your tour and attend its exclusive shows that are always renewed, which will entertain you with many shows from clowns to the lion race and some exclusive shows that you do not see anywhere else.

And do not forget to get traditional and modern delicious drinks and meals, especially delicious desserts, and do not forget to try the famous Georgian pastries.

Tbilisi hotels near Tbilisi Zoo

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