Svaneti city in Georgia

Svaneti city in Georgia is one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia, it is the land of defensive towers, picturesque nature, and home to the highest peaks of the Caucasus mountain range, not to mention its UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With the recently renovated infrastructure, the area offers its visitors plenty of things to do, and in the next report you will learn about the best activities that you can enjoy on your next trip to Svaneti.

مدينة سفانيتي في جورجيا

The city of Svaneti in Georgia is considered the city of mountains and glaciers in the first place. It is full of many rare natural scenes, which are difficult to find anywhere else, so it is one of the cities that attract many tourists, especially those who enjoy nature and take special souvenir photos. unforgettable,. If you are planning to visit Georgia tourism soon, you will not be indispensable to visit these legendary areas that characterize the charming places of tourism in Svaneti, and we will inform you about what is distinguished here in an extensive manner.

مدينة سفانيتي في جورجيا

The city of Svaneti is located in northwest Georgia, and it was known in the past as (Swania), as indicated by the ancient historical sources, and it is one of the historical provinces, the majority of its inhabitants are the Svanes, and they are one of the ethnic groups in Georgia.

The places of tourism in Svaneti are distinguished by their location in the middle of the slopes of the Southern Caucasus, surrounded by towering mountain peaks for a distance of about 5 thousand meters, where Svaneti is considered one of the highest inhabited regions of the Caucasus. This region includes four mountain peaks that are among the 100 highest mountain peaks in the Caucasus, including Shakhara summit, which rises 5201 m above sea level, making it the highest mountain peak on the Georgian lands.

مدينة سفانيتي في جورجيا1

The dominant landscape of the city of Svaneti is the towering mountain peaks interspersed with deep valleys. The area covers large areas of coniferous and mixed forests, at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level. These forests contain types of distinctive trees, such as beech and fir trees, oak and hornbeam trees, as well as include In some areas there are rare trees such as birch, chestnut, maple and pine, which are less common than the previous ones.

This city, which lies at an altitude of up to 3,000 meters above sea level, contains many pastures and distinctive green meadows, and when you visit the places of tourism in Svaneti, you can see the frozen rivers in that area at a high altitude, not to mention the high mountain peaks that characterize With snowy white masses that cover it throughout the year.

مدينة سفانيتي في جورجيا
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