Rustaveli Avenue Tbilisi

Rustaveli Avenue Tbilisi The city of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is one of the most beautiful and most active and crowded cities of Georgia with urban life and includes many famous streets and places, the most famous of which is Rustaveli Tbilisi Avenue.


Rustaveli Avenue Tbilisi is one of the most active streets of Georgia. It attracts thousands of visitors from the city’s residents and outside, as well as tourists due to its 1500 meters of exciting and attractive landmarks and places.

شارع روستافيلي تبليسي

Your tour begins on Rustaveli Tbilisi Street from Tahrir Square, which borders it and ends at Kostava Street, and the street sings of the beauty that blends between civilization and the ancient art of Tbilisi and the modern art of civilization, making the street a masterpiece in itself.

شارع روستافيلي تبليسي

While wandering along the Rustaveli Street Tbilisi Road, we find many attractions and wonderful places. You can visit the Opera Palace, which was built in Baroque art supported by modern architecture, and you can attend many activities in it, and you can visit the prestigious ballet building.

شارع روستافيلي تبليسي

You can also visit many cultural and commercial buildings, such as the Academy of Sciences, which holds from time to time some interesting activities in the human and natural sciences. You can also visit the Georgia National Museum, which includes more than 30,000 pieces of art, including sculptures, antiques, and valuable paintings.

Or you can visit the Simon Gnachsia Museum on the street, which contains more than 120,000 rare artifacts excavated from all provinces and cities located in the area of Georgia, which you will not see anywhere else.

شارع روستافيلي تبليسي

On your way, you will find the Kashveti Orthodox Church, which is one of the oldest churches in the capital, Tbilisi, and its construction dates back to the last century, but its beautiful story dates back to the sixth century. You can visit the old Georgian Parliament building and learn about its magnificent architecture.

We also find many famous and international stores on the street that provide beautiful and attractive clothing and accessories. We also find a part of Rustaveli pier that has been converted into a place for the popular market where antiques and beautiful handicrafts are sold at nominal prices for you to buy what you want from it as a souvenir.

شارع روستافيلي تبليسي

And conclude your tour in the street by visiting the cafes and restaurants scattered along it, and get a delicious meal and drink for you to eat on the wooden chairs scattered in the street.

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