Recognized Georgian Universities in Egypt

Recognized Georgian Universities in Egypt Georgian universities attract foreign students from different countries of the world, and represent a distinguished choice for many Arab students given their location among international universities, as well as their geographical proximity to the Arab region and their competitive prices, compared to the ancient Western universities.

In Egypt, the official authorities (the Supreme Council of Universities) include several Georgian universities in the list of accredited and recommended foreign universities for those wishing to study abroad for the academic year 2020-2021.

The most important decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities:

In the past, Egyptian students could study any specialization they wanted without the need to specialize in the field of study. The student could study medicine or any of the scientific disciplines as long as he completed his secondary studies, whether he was a student of the literary division or even secondary commercial, industrial or agricultural as long as He was able to pass the qualifying exams for the university and fulfill all the specifications required by the university, which did not include specialization in a specific field during secondary school studies, which has benefited many Egyptian students and graduates over the past years.

As a result of educational corruption in universities such as the universities of Ukraine, which was one of the preferred destinations for Egyptian students, the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt has issued a number of decisions that limit the ability of Egyptian students to enroll in universities that offer scientific study disciplines such as human medicine, physical therapy, dentistry, pharmacy and engineering. It is stipulated that the student should have a high school diploma in its scientific section, and if the student has a secondary certificate from a foreign country, he must have studied scientific subjects related to the field of university study.

Recognized Georgian Universities in Egypt:

1- Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU).

Ivan Tbilisi University (TSU) is the first university in the Caucasus region, which opened its doors on January 26, 1918 and was initially called “Tbilisi State University”, and in 1989 the name of the university was changed after its founder Ivan Javaneshvili.

Medicine 7000 $ annually Study 6 years
Dentist 7000 $ annually Study 5 years
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science 3500 $ annually Study 4 years
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 3500 $annually Study 4 years

2- Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU).

Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) is a leading medical university in Tbilisi, Georgia. It has been more than 85 years since the Tbilisi State Medical Institute was founded on the basis of the Faculty of Medicine of Tbilisi State University (TSU). In 1992 the name of Tbilisi State Medical Institute was changed to Medical University.

Faculty of Medicine European Program 8000 $ annually 6 Years
Faculty of Medicine American Program 13500 $ annually 6 Years
Faculty of Dentistry 7000 $ annually 5 Years
faculty of Pharmacy 3500 $ annually 4 Years
public health and administration 4000$ annually 4 Years
Faculty of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 3000 $ annually 4 Years


 Ilia State University (ISU) was established in 2006 as a result of the merger of six different academic institutions with a long and diverse history. ISU is currently one of the leading research and educational institutions in Georgia.

Medicine 5300 $ annually Study 6 years
Electrical and electronic engineering 3500 $ annually Study 4 years
Civil engineering 3500 $ annually Study 4 years
Computer Science Engineering 3500 $ annually Study 4 years
Computer engineering 3500 $ annually Study 4 years
Bachelor’s degree Management and Tourism 3500 $ annually Study 4 years


Georgian Technical University (GTU), (formerly Georgian Lenin Polytechnic Institute) is the largest technical university in Georgia. It is located in the capital, Tbilisi.

Georgian Technical University was founded in 1922 as the Polytechnic Faculty of Tbilisi State University. The first lecture was read by Georgian mathematician Professor Andrea Razmadze.

In 1928 it was transformed into an independent “Georgi Polytechnic Institute” and attained university status by 1990.

Design 3000 $ annually Study 4 years
Biomedical Engineering 3000 $ annually Study 4 years
Mechanical Engineering 3000 $ annually Study 4 years
Computer Science 3000 $ annually Study 4 years

5- (IBSU) International Black Sea University .

Black Sea International University (IBSU) was established in 1995 in Tbilisi, Georgia and inaugurated by the Second President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze and former Turkish Prime Minister Tansu Ciller in accordance with the Cabinet Decree and the opening license granted by the Ministry of Education of Georgia.

Business Administration $2600 annually Study 4 years
Business Administration in Finances $2600 annually Study 4 years
Business Administration in Accounting  $2600 annually Study 4 years
Business Administration in Management  $2600 annually Study 4 years
Business Administration in Marketing $2600 annually Study 4 years
Business Administration in Tourism $2600 annually Study 4 years
Engineering in Informatics $2600 annually Study 4 years
Architecture $2600 annually Study 4 years
Social Sciences in Economics $2600 annually Study 4 years
International Relations $2600 annually Study 4 years
Humanities in Philology $2600 annually Study 4 years
American Studies $2600 annually Study 4 years

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