Mtskheta Resort York Towers

Mtskheta Resort York Towers The city of Mtskheta “the ancient capital of Georgia” has its own charm and great importance. It is located on one of the oldest trade routes in the world, and also includes many important historical and tourist attractions.

This was the most thing that made us fully believe that Mtskheta Resort is your ideal destination for an ideal investment; Whether building a home with unique specifications, or setting up a successful and profitable business.

The resort’s land area is 330 thousand square meters and is perfectly suitable for the implementation of residential, commercial and administrative units.

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The resort’s land is characterized by its full services and facilities of gas, water and electricity, in addition to its mild climate and 100% fertile soil.

As for the location, Mtskheta Resort has an exceptional location at the intersection of global trade routes and important cultural and historical monuments, in addition to the proximity to the Event and Garden Resort, the proximity to Tbilisi, the zone of Natakhtari restaurant, and other famous places, which makes owning land in this resort an opportunity High profit investment.

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Mtskheta Resort York Towers Floor Plan

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Mtskheta resort location

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