mother of Georgia Kartlis Deda

Learn about the Monument to the Mother of Georgians in Tbilisi, Georgia

The Statue of the Mother of Georgians Kartlis Deda is the monument and the main symbol of Georgia, which overlooks the entire capital of Tbilisi, and which is impossible not to notice from any point in the city because it is located on the top of the hill overlooking it.

تمثال أم الجورجيين

Thanks to the strategic location of the Monument to the Mother of Georgians, it has become one of the most important historical monuments and places of tourism in Tbilisi and the country, and it attracts hundreds of visitors daily, including tourists and local residents, in order to enjoy the appearance of the statue and the beautiful view that its location provides.

تمثال أم الجورجيين

And as soon as you reach the top of the hill, the statue becomes more and more clear to you. It is an aluminum statue of a woman wearing traditional Georgian dress and carrying in her left a glass of wine, which is intended to receive and host peaceful guests, while the right hand carries a sword and is intended to strike every impostor who begs himself to harm the country Therefore, the statue reflects the type of reception the visitor will receive according to his intention.

You can take many pictures in front of the Mother of Georgian monument. The statue has its own gift, especially since it was built in the middle of the last century, after 1500 years of the city’s construction. You can enjoy the splendid view of the entire city of Tbilisi and its river Kura.

In the square in which we find the memorial, we find many vendors who have taken the sidewalk as their shop, selling a lot of souvenirs represented by antiques, pottery and handcrafted hobbies in the form of statues and sculptures.

There are also many stalls selling sweets and fast food, as well as ready-made coffee that you can carry and enjoy with the picturesque view.

End your tour by passing the nearby Georgia National Botanical Garden, a 10-minute walk away, and you will pass by Narikala Castle, which is the second most important historical monument in Georgia.

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