Bazaleti Resort York Towers

Bazaleti Resort York Towers Here all dreams come true very simply! Your home with a unique design, your commercial project that will change your life, whatever you dream of find a wonderful future in “Bazaleti Resort”.

The resort is located on an area of 2 million square meters, all suitable for residential and commercial construction, as it is fertile and suitable for afforestation around the buildings, and the area is integrated with services and facilities and is fully equipped with electricity, gas, water and communications…

It is distinguished by its presence in a rapidly developing area that is very attractive for tourism and investment, as it is located directly on the charming Bazaleti Lake near Tbilisi, in addition to panoramic views of the scenic landscape.

It is also distinguished by its proximity to many important places such as the capital Tbilisi, Tbilisi Mall, Gudauri Ski Resort, and the ancient Georgian capital “Mtskheta”.

Bazaleti Resort is the ideal destination for unparalleled holidays, as it gives you the highest level of comfort and recreation throughout the seasons, and the resort’s land is ideal for the implementation of all ideas, business and projects, as well as excellent health entertainment.

أرض بحيره بازليتي

Bazaleti Resort York Towers .. Latest Offers:

today’s Offer 🔥

Own a  land in  Bazaleti area with a lake view 🛶

1507 square meters net area
On two main streets 🏘️

Two minutes to the resort area and the lake 🏊‍♀️
19 minutes from Tbilisi, the capital
50 minutes from Godawori Winter Resorts ⛷️

Down payment 4820 $ 💵
And installments for a year, 1610 dollars per month 🏦

منتجع بازليتي يورك تاورز

Bazaleti Resort York Towers .. Latest Offers:

With a down payment of 10.330 riyals only, you own a plot of land of 626 square meters and a monthly installment of 3443 riyals in the best areas of Georgia
A wonderful investment opportunity from York Towers Real Estate Investment.
The project overlooks the tourist lake Basaletti.
A privileged location for the breadth of the region’s market and its proximity to all vital areas
Freehold and absolute ownership
All services are available, electricity and water within the project.

منتجع بازليتي يورك تاورز

Bazaleti Resort York Towers

مخطط أراضي منتجع بازاليتي

Services and facilities


All important facilities, connected to the site with the highest efficiency




Paved roads

Bazaleti Resort location

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