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Ensuring good relations with all our dealings with tourists – guests – tourist events “hotels – restaurants – keenness to maintain and develop the distinguished working and friendship relations that bind us with our agents, partners and friends in tourism companies in most parts of the world, in addition to our endeavor to establish new business relationships With agents and tour operators around the world.

1 – Receipt times for rooms in hotels are at 2 pm, and delivery times for rooms are at 12 noon.

2 – In the event that you request to receive the rooms before four o’clock in the morning, a full night account will be added, and in the case after four in the morning, a half-night account will be added only to the value in the price table.

3 – In the event that the customer is late to leave the hotel room after the scheduled times, the customer shall bear the cost of an additional night.

4– Children up to 6 years old are free of charge in their parents’ room and they have an extra bed, and the maximum number of children under 6 years old allowed in the same room.

5– Children over 6 years old are charged as a full person.

6–Gentlemen, valued customers, send a copy of the return flight ticket and passport photos for all individuals to confirm the reservation.

7– It is allowed to modify the program by agreement between the company and the customer before arrival, with the customer bearing the differences of changes, if any.

8–The tourist program includes two tours per day throughout the days of the trips. The first tour starts from ten in the morning until four in the evening and a time for rest from four to seven, and the second round is from seven until twelve after midnight, except for days when there is a long-distance travel, where there is one tour per day that starts in the morning and ends in the evening.

9 – In the event that you wish to book a single room, the price increases according to the selected hotel.

10-The company is committed to sending confirmed hotel reservations sealed with hotel seals to the customer before arrival.

11 –The customer is obligated to pay 25% of the value of the trip before arrival to confirm your flight reservation with us, make confirmed hotel reservations and send them to you.

12 –Transferring the flight reservation advance amount is via Western Union or MoneyGram, as desired by the customer.

13 – The rest of the amount is paid after arrival and receipt of the hotel rooms, and the company representative will hand you a receipt.

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